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50 Best Items To Resell: Flip For A Profit

best items to resell

You could be pressed for cash, and you desperately want more money. At that point, you have to figure out how you can easily turn your assets or skills into money. If you do not have the skills to give you money, you have to look for the best items to resell for some bucks.

There are many old or unused items that we keep in our homes. These items can be resold in such circumstances. However, the reselling prices of these items vary depending on factors such as market demand, location, and trends.

Reselling usually involves unwanted items, unused items, or items you bought in excess. Some items can be sold at a higher price, while others will fetch negligible prices. Therefore, you should plan and research well before settling on the items to resell.

With that information in mind, you might want to know what you can sell to make extra money. Here is a list of the 50 best items to resell for a profit.

50 best items to resell for extra cash

1. Sneakers and athletic shoes

There is a high chance you have sneakers that you no longer wear. You could also have athletic shoes that you once used, but you no longer wear them. Those sneakers and shoes can be resold.

For example, if the sports shoes are from popular brands, you will easily find someone willing to buy them. Sports enthusiasts are willing to pay any amount to get shoes that remind them of their favorite players. Therefore, you can earn a good amount by selling such items.

2. Toys and games

You probably have kids who are now grown up or generally disinterested in toys anymore. Then, you can resell their toys and games to make extra money.

Rare and collectible toys like action figures, Barbie, and American Girl Dolls will fetch a good price. Vintage games, gaming consoles, and accessories can also be sold to other gaming enthusiasts.

best items to resell

3. Vintage clothing

Clothing items from past eras have a nostalgic or unique appeal. Therefore, they always have a place in the resale market. You can sell the clothes and apparel pieces that you no longer need. They can be sold on sites like eBay and depop.

4. Books

Rare and limited edition books can be resold for a profit. For instance, you can sell vintage comic books, especially those featuring iconic characters. You can also sell history books that were written many years ago.

Anyone who loves reading will definitely be interested in buying such books. If you have a large collection of books, you can make a good amount of money from this side hustle. A book can be sold for as much as $200.  

5. Antiques

You can always resell antique pieces to make extra money. For instance, you can resell antique clocks and lamps. You can also sell cabinet knobs and vintage hats. To ensure you get a better price, look at their stamps and compare the prices of similar items on the internet.

6. Musical instruments

Musical instruments can also be flipped for a profit. You may have outgrown your hobbies and no longer need those musical instruments you used during your leisure time. They can be resold for a profit.

For instance, musical instruments with unique features or from well-known brands can resold at a good price. Things like guitars, violin, drums, and trumpets can be resold for some bucks.

7. Furniture

Flipping furniture is one of the popular ways of earning extra money. If you have old and unused furniture, you can resell it. For instance, you can flip items like desks, tables, chairs, couches, and beds.

If your furniture items are in good shape and condition, you will resell them at a good price. You may find someone in your neighborhood willing to buy them. If not, you can advertise them on ecommerce sites.

8. Electronics

Electronics often have a long lifespan. Therefore, it is possible to have them resold when they are still operational. Electronics include phones, laptops, gaming consoles, computers, and television sets.

Reselling new or used electronic devices in good condition will give you a decent amount of money. You can sell them on Swappa, eBay, or Craigslist.

9. Vehicles

Vehicles are probably the best items to resell because they will fetch a good price. The best vehicles for reselling are the high-performance cars with a good engine.

Other people like vintage cars. For instance, vintage car models like VW Beetle, Porsche 911, and Ferrari 250 GTO are in high demand. You can sell them in the car auction yards or find buyers online.

10. Designer handbags and luxury bags

Designer and luxury handbags from renowned designers are always in high demand. If you own bags that you no longer need, you can resell them. Someone will definitely be impressed with them if they are in good condition.

11. Vinyl records

Collectible vinyl records, often from specific artists or genres, can be resold. Those records can be sold on ecommerce sites like eBay or second-hand stores like Ecwid.

12. Retro video games

You can resell classic video games that are sought after by collectors. For instance, the video games that were popular in the 1980s and 90s are in high demand. Therefore, if you have such games, you can make good money. They can be sold on sites like eBay.

13. Rare coins and currency

You may have collectible coins or paper currency in your home. These coins often have historical or numismatic value but are no longer used. Therefore, it is a good idea to resell them.

14. Jewelry

Vintage or designer pieces of high-end designer jewelry can be resold at a good price. For instance, jewelry from designers like Trifari and Monet can be resold. Etsy is a good place to resell jewelry.

15. Designer sunglasses

Do you know that you can resell high-end sunglasses from luxury brands? Yes, sunglasses and frames can be resold to customers who love such designs. People would want something cheaper because prescription glasses are expensive. Therefore, they go for these used glasses sold on platforms like eBay.

16. Vintage posters and artwork

Vintage items like posters and artwork from specific periods or events can be resold. For instance, you can sell stamps that are centuries old.

17. Sports memorabilia

People are always passionate about their teams and favorite players. Therefore, they are willing to buy collectible items related to sports, such as autographed jerseys or game-used equipment. You can sell sports items related to popular teams or players.

18. Board games

You can resell classic and collectible board games from the past to people who like them. Such board games are hard to find and thus are in high demand. Therefore, they can fetch good prices.

19. Autographed memorabilia

People like to identify with their celebrities and public figures. Therefore, they can buy items signed by celebrities, athletes, or public figures. These items could be celerity autographs and photos.

20. Cameras

There are vintage or high-end cameras that can be resold. Such camera models include professional-grade cameras that are rare to find. A high-quality camera can be resold for as much as $1,000.

You can also resell lenses for cameras. Some of those lenses have unique features, thus making them high-demand items.

21. Power tools

Power tools can be sold if they are no longer useful. Such tools include saws, drills, grinders, hammers, vibrators, and joiners. If they are in good condition, you will easily find someone willing to buy them.

22. Scrap metals

Old metallic items can be collected and sold to recycling companies. There are so many metallic items that you can resell. For instance, food tins, broken utensils, faucets, wires, and iron sheets.

You can search for buyers on Craigslist or social media. The best metals for recycling are copper, aluminum, and brass.

23. Domain names

Domain names are assets with no physical inventory. If a domain name is several years old and has powerful extensions like .org or .com, you can resell it for thousands of dollars.

Buying a domain name is as cheap as $20. However, that domain name can be resold after a few years for $5,000. That would be a huge profit.

24. Kitchen gadgets

You can resell kitchen tools and gadgets like fridges, microwaves, and utensils. Specialty or vintage kitchen tools and gadgets can fetch a good resale price. Then, if you have such gadgets, you can always sell them and earn some bucks.

25. Vintage typewriters

Analog typewriters are no longer in use. However, such antique typewriters are often sought after by collectors. Some people want to keep them for memories. Therefore, you can resell them and make some money.

26. Concert or event tickets

This sounds like a funny idea. However, it is a practical idea that can give some good money. You can buy tickets to rare or highly anticipated events and then resell them at a profit. In most cases, early bird tickets sell at a low price. Then, you can resell them some days before the event.

27. Handmade or custom crafts

You can make unique handmade crafts or custom-designed items and resell them. For instance, you can make Tote bags or bracelets. Such crafts are cheap to make, but they can fetch a good price in the market.

best items to resell

28. Outdoor gear

You can sell outdoor gear such as hiking and camping equipment. These items can be sold to adventurers and tourists. You can sell them online because you will likely find clients looking for them there.

29. Fitness and exercise equipment

You can sell exercise and fitness equipment that you no longer use. For instance, you can sell gym equipment that you don’t need. You could also sell other high-quality or specialized fitness items such as dumbbell set bicycles or treadmills.

30. Luxury watches

Fashion enthusiasts always want to wear fashionable designer watches, but they are expensive. Therefore, such people would be willing to buy used high-end and collectible watches. You can resell the luxury watches you no longer use to such people.

31. High-end skincare and beauty products

Today, several skincare products are made at home using readily available ingredients. There are also other premium skincare and beauty items that can be bought in large quantities.

If you have more than enough beauty products at home, you can resell the excess to others who need it. You can make a huge profit if the products are from well-known brands.

32. Trading cards

One of the underrated but lucrative side hustles is flipping trading cards. You can flip baseball cards or Pokémon cards. You can make a good profit by just selling these cards.

33. Land

You can buy land and resell it later. However, this side hustle requires huge investment because land is expensive. Nonetheless, flipping land can earn you $10,000 in profit if the land is in a prime location.

34. Home decor items

Home décor items can be resold. For instance, you can sell vintage or designer decorative items in your home. You can sell things like houseplants, wall art, vases, and carpets.

35. Rare or discontinued perfumes

Selling perfumes sounds like a funny side hustle. However, you will be surprised that people love vintage and out-of-stock perfumes. They also like discounted perfumes. Therefore, if you have perfumes that are no longer in production or are hard to find, you can resell them.

36. Food items

Imagine you can resell some of the food you have in your house. For instance, you can resell limited edition and exotic food items to food enthusiasts. You can sell food items like century eggs, edible worms, or exotic seafood.

37. Art

If you have any high-quality or vintage art materials in your house, you can resell them. For instance, you can resell mosaics, paintings, and silhouette art. If the art is appealing to the eye and high-quality, you will sell it at a good price.

38. Stocks and options  

You can buy stocks in profitable companies and sell them later to someone else for a profit. However, you need to be careful when making this move. Some stocks depreciate in value, making it harder to sell.

39. DIY and crafting supplies

You can use the readily available materials at home for do-it-yourself projects and crafting and then resell them. Handcrafted or artisanal items can be resold at a good price to people who love DIY crafts. For instance, you can sell scented candles or customized carpets.

40. Specialty pet products

Pets are increasingly becoming popular in most households. Therefore, the market for unique or high-end products for pets is increasing. You can make pet products like apparel and shoes and sell them to clients.

41. Kids’ gear and equipment

Your kids could be grown now. Therefore, they do not need items like baby walkers, infant tub, strollers, and kids’ chairs. Such items can be resold for a profit.

42. Automotive parts

You could be having old automobiles like cars or tractors. They may be outdated and unusable. Therefore, the only option is to sell their parts. Automotive parts are always in high demand as motorists want cheap spare parts for their automobiles.

43. Websites

You can also sell a website you own. This side hustle suits website designers who know how to make and resell websites. Businesses will be willing to pay you handsomely for a website with decent traffic.

44. Commercial equipment

Commercial equipment includes landowners, pizza ovens, insulation blowers, and scissor lifts. Any of these equipment can be flipped at half the retail price of a new one. That is a good price considering that they are used.

45. Bicycles

Do you have that old bicycle that you no longer use? If you do, you’re lucky because you can turn it into money. Post a few pictures of the bicycle, and you may be lucky to get a buyer.

46. Yard tools

The tools you use to keep your yard clean and tidy can be resold. For instance, you can sell pruners, gardening gloves, and shovels. Such items need to be resold when they are in good condition to attract customers.

47. Houses

House flipping is a lucrative business. However, you need to have a good investment capital. You will buy a house and resell it at a profit.

48. Wedding dresses

Weddings happen only once in a lifetime. However, they are costly because you have to buy that dress despite the fact that you will wear it for one day only. Now, that dress can be sold to someone else planning a wedding.    

49. Lego sets

Lego represents those timeless toys that never go away. If you sell your old Lego sets to another at a lower price, they will definitely buy them.

50. Vintage coffee mugs

Coffee mugs can be sold to coffee enthusiasts at a lower price. You can sell them for about $5 to $20 each, depending on the quality. Since used mugs are cheaper than new ones, you will easily get price-conscious customers to buy them.

Final thoughts

Before starting any resale business, it’s crucial to research market trends, legal requirements, and ethical considerations associated with the items you plan to resell. Building a reputable and trustworthy online or offline presence can contribute to your success in the resale business. Consider the above list of the best items to resell before deciding which one to sell.