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How To Make Extra Money As A Physician Assistant

How To Make More Money As A Dental Assistant

At My Finance Master, you will learn how to make more money as a physician assistant. Physician assistants includes dental and nurse assistants. We understand that your regular pay may not be enough to cater to all your expenses and have enough money to save.

The average pay of physician assistants such as a dental assistant is relatively low. Therefore, dental assistants may need to have another source of income for them to achieve financial security. Check the following statistics about the annual salaries of different types of dental assistants.

Table 1: The highest-paid categories of dental assistants

CategoryHourly rateAnnual pay
Dental officer$42.78$88,980
Dental hygienist$42.60$88,432
Regular dental assistant$18.14$37,730
Source: Zippia Career Experts  

With such low pay, dental assistants may need to increase their income by engaging in other income-generating activities. For instance, they can work online or open a business they can run after leaving their regular job.

Sometimes, it may be challenging to decide which is the best side hustle or business for a dental assistant. Therefore, they need guidance and advice to help them get started.

If you are looking for tips on how to make more money as a dental assistant, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of 10 best ways of making more money as a dental assistant.

1. Copywriting

How To Make More Money As A Dental Assistant

The internet revolutionized everything, creating new ways of earning. One of the ways that people earn from the internet is copywriting. You can become a copywriter and earn a decent extra income while still earning from your regular job as a dental assistant.

Copywriting entails writing content that can help market or advertise a product or service. There are tons of websites, companies, individuals, and organizations that recruit copywriters every day. You can research them and choose the best one.

As a copywriter, you will write content that will enhance your client’s brand image, improve their online visibility, or help them build a professional brand. Then, you will be paid per word, hour, or project.

Generally, copywriters earn $60,000 per year in the United States. This is a good amount of money for a side hustle because you will still earn your regular pay as a dental assistant.

2. Dental temping

You can earn more money by becoming a temporary or fill-in dental assistant. Dental temping requires you to create an account with temp agencies.

If you register with the appropriate dental temp agency, you will be called to provide your services when there is a staffing need.

In most cases, dental clinics hire temporary staff during the busy periods. They also look for fill-in workers when a staff member is on leave or there is a general shortage of dental staff.

You can seize this opportunity every week when you have a day or two off work. You can pick up shifts in any dental clinic whenever a need arises. Then, you will get paid according to the agreed terms and conditions.

3. Work extra time

You can decide to take extra shifts and earn more. This is a good way of earning more money on top of your regular pay without incurring any extra cost.

Extra working hours or extra shifts are compensated with overtime allowance. If you work overtime at least three days a week or two extra shifts per week, you will earn a decent overtime allowance.

However, this option may not be viable in some situations because it may cause fatigue and burnout. Additionally, the employer might restrict the number of shifts you can work in a week.

4. Offer online courses

You can design a website that offers different courses online. Considering that you are a dental assistant, you can offer courses such as dental hygiene, dental surgery, and dental surgery.

Online courses can generate huge earnings when you attract a large number of students. These students will be willing to pay any amount you charge them if they find value in your courses.

An online course on dentistry will earn you passive income without much effort. However, you need to prepare materials like e-books, notes, audio, and videos that you will use to teach. Then, you can send them to your students, and they will pay for them.  

5. Teledentistry

Teledentistry is a recent trend in dentistry where dentists and other dental care professionals use telecommunications technology to provide services.

It involves meeting dental patients virtually using video conferencing tools. You can practice teledentistry from the comfort of your office or home. You only need a teleconferencing tool and an internet connection.

As a dental assistant, you have a wealth of knowledge on dental matters. Therefore, you can trade that knowledge for money by holding virtual consultations with your clients.

You can charge them per consultation session or per hour, depending on what services you will be offering. If you get at least one client daily, you will have made a good amount of extra income at the end of the month.

6. Assist dental students at a fee

Dental students require assistance when joining dental schools. These students take the dental administration test during admission to a dental school.

Therefore, you can take this chance to coach them on how to prepare for the tests. You can also guide dental students who have just finished school and charge them a small fee.

7. Look for locum tenens positions

You can become a locum tenens for other dental assistants. A locum tenens is a substitute for other employees. In this case, you can become a locum for your fellow dental assistants.

As a locum, you will perform all the duties of the absentee dental assistants. Then, you will be paid for the services offered. The good thing about locum tenens is that you can work in any dental clinic or hospital as long as you qualify.

8. Get more certifications

The more you specialize in your career field, the better the chances of earning more money. Therefore, you can get additional certifications in a highly marketable specialty.

For instance, you can focus on dental anesthesiology, pediatric dentistry, or prosthodontics. You will be required to take exams from the certifying bodies and commissions to get approval to practice in your chosen specialty.

Dental assistants who specialize in a particular field will likely get a pay rise commensurate to their qualifications and certifications.

9. Moonlighting

How To Make More Money As A Dental Assistant

Moonlighting is simply having a second job on top of the regular job. Dental assistants can work in other dental clinics in the nearby area through the moonlighting strategy.

Dental professionals have used this moonlighting strategy in the past to earn extra income. They usually work at night or on weekends in other dental clinics when the primary employees are either absent or understaffed.

A moonlighting dental practice can earn you over $100 per hour, depending on where you work. If you work every weekend, you will have a decent income from a side hustle.

10. Ask for a pay rise

If all the above options do not work for you, you can ask for a pay rise. If you demonstrate why you need a pay rise, your employer will increase your salary.

You need to research the salary and income trends before you ask for a pay rise. You also need to have an idea of how other dental assistants are paid.

You will get a pay rise if you convince the employer that you deserve one. Once you get a higher pay, you will easily manage to pay your bills and have enough money to save.

The bottom line

Physician assistants like dental assistants are paid relatively low salaries. Therefore, they may need additional sources of income to supplement their regular pay. The above 10 options give the best tips on how to make more money as a dental assistant. You can implement these tips and start your journey to financial success and stability.