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5 Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

You know summer and fall are for weddings. Hundreds of people tie the knot and take their marriage vows before a congregation during this time. Traditionally, weddings would take place in churches or an indoor setup. However, things are different today as wedding ideas have evolved, making people ditch the traditional setup and embrace outdoor wedding ideas.

Many people have now embraced outdoor weddings because they resonate with nature and are unique. The idea of an outdoor wedding is a fascinating one, as people get to enjoy nature as they take their marriage vows. To some people, an outdoor wedding is the perfect setup for a young couple in the contemporary world.

What is an outdoor wedding?

One of the greatest ideas for a modern wedding is to have it done outdoors. An outdoor wedding is a unique ceremony conducted in an informal outdoor setup. These wedding ceremonies are held in places like the garden lawn, an open park, a beach, an open-sided barn, or under a big tree.

The good thing about an outdoor wedding is that it can be done on a budget. You do not have to spend money to pay for large hotel rooms or retreat facilities to host your wedding. You can erect a tent on your garden lawn or the beach and conduct your wedding. There are plenty of fascinating outdoor wedding ideas on a budget you can consider.

5 Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget

  • Go to open parks

Some national and game parks offer free or affordable entry. These parks have fascinating landscapes that can give your wedding that unique ambiance. Additionally, parks have exclusive zones where visitors can take pictures. You can utilize those sites to take memorable wedding photos.

Go to a park and request them to allow you to hold your wedding there. While most parks charge entry fees, they are definitely cheaper than private venues in hotels or picnic sites. Therefore, you will save some money if you exchange your vows in an open park within your locality.

  • Do it in your home backyard

Backyards are good places for recreation and family events. However, you can convert them into a wedding venue and have an intimate ceremony on a budget. If you have a spacious backyard, you can utilize it during your wedding. You can also request your friends to allow you to hold your wedding in their backyard.  

A wedding in the backyard will make you feel at home and your guests will be comfortable. There are plenty of backyard lawn wedding ideas you can choose from. Consult with your partner and choose the best backyard wedding idea that matches your wedding theme and ambiance.

  • Go to the beach

Imagine having your dream wedding on a beach. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? You can exchange vows with your partner on your favorite beach. Some public beaches are free to access, meaning you will not pay a penny to hold your wedding there.

However, it is crucial that you choose a beach that resonates well with your wedding theme. You can consider the best sandy, urban, rocky, or warm beaches, depending on your preferences. Then, you can set up the wedding tent on the beach to ensure your guests are safe even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Go to a golf course or country club

Golf courses and country clubs give an authentic urban vibe for golfers. Having an outdoor wedding on a golf course is an experience no one can forego. However, golf courses can be very expensive, especially for people who are not members. Therefore, this option is recommended for members of a golf course or country club.

  • Go to a ranch

Ranches are huge farms with ample space for an outdoor wedding. However, since they are private properties, you have to request permission to hold your wedding on a ranch. You may be lucky to have a friend who owns a ranch. In such a case, you can exchange your vows on the ranch for free.

Depending on your guest list, you can erect a temporary open-sided barn in the ranch or a tent. You can also have the wedding done under a big tree on the ranch. The choice is yours, but you should be guided by your wedding theme.

When you wed in a ranch, you get to celebrate the scenery and the natural landscape. You also enjoy the cool environment and fresh air on the ranch. The ranch also provides enough parking space for your cars.

Tips on how to keep the wedding budget low

Now that you have ideas for an outdoor wedding on a budget, you need to learn how to keep the wedding costs low. There are tons of ideas that can help you save more money without compromising your outdoor wedding quality and or your guest preferences.

  • Have your friend take the photos

Professional photographers can be expensive to hire. However, you do not have to hire a photographer if you have friends who can take photos. The friend can offer his or her photography services for free as a wedding gift for you. Having photos taken by a friend is a pleasant experience because you will enjoy your happy moments together.

Your friend also understands your preferences and likes. Therefore, he or she will most likely take nice photos you will like. Then, you can edit the photos to your preferences using free software and tools. Ultimately, you will have high-quality photos that capture the best moments of your wedding without spending a penny on hiring a photographer.

  • Prepare the food yourself

If you have culinary skills, you do not have to hire outside caterers because you can make the food yourself. You can easily cook enough food for your guest list without hiring anyone. Plan accordingly, cook enough food, and transport it to the wedding venue. Ensure you consider different preferences for your guests.

  • Decorate the venue yourself

Wedding decorations can be expensive, especially if you hire specialists during high wedding seasons. However, you can do the decorations yourself to keep the budget low. Decorations can be potted plants, lanterns, or candles. These are decorations you can make at home on a budget.

Additionally, you can build the wedding arch and decorate it according to your theme and preferences. The wedding arch can be decorated with flowers plucked from the garden or specially designed wedding candles or pieces of cloth.

  • Invite a few people

You do not have to invite hundreds of people to your wedding because that will increase costs. Instead, invite a few friends, work colleagues, and your family to your wedding. You can send digital invitation cards that are inexpensive. Additionally, let your guests know that you will have an outdoor wedding to make them emotionally prepared.

  • Have fun games instead of entertainers

Your guests need to be entertained. However, you do not have to break the bank to entertain guests. Instead, be creative and engage them in fun games. For instance, you can have games like ring toss, picture scavenger hunt, bride and groom trivia, shoe games, wedding toast bingo, and finding the bride. These games save you the hassle of hiring entertainers.

  • Utilize music app instead of hiring music equipment

Music is a part of the wedding ceremony and subsequent celebrations. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money on music equipment. Instead, utilize your music system at home and your phone. Use the music apps on your phone to download and play music for the guests.

  • Buy flowers in wholesale

It is a no-brainer that buying things on wholesale helps save money. You should go straight to the source and order flowers that match your wedding theme. Then, you will have them delivered in bulk, thus saving you some money. You can mix them with the wildflowers if they are in season.

  • Keep it simple

A wedding should not be a stressful event. Learn how to keep things simple if your wedding budget is low. Request your friend to officiate your wedding instead of hiring an MC or DJ. The goal is to ensure that the budget remains as low as possible while ensuring the wedding experience is outstanding.

Do not rent a limo because it is expensive and probably unnecessary. You do not need a limo if your wedding is in a park or backyard. You can use SUVs to chauffer the bride, groom, and guests to the venue easily and cheaply.

You should also avoid champagne because it is expensive. Instead, you can buy Prosecco or Cava wines. You can also utilize the moonlight and bonfires for the after-party ceremony. Cozy bonfires will give you an outstanding ambiance that your guests will like.

  • Embrace DIY

Do it yourself (DIY) is a life hack that many people embrace in their lives. You can embrace DIY in your wedding when designing, decorating, or planning the wedding venue. You can choose your theme, lighting equipment, sound system, and guest seating arrangements yourself. DIY will help you save the money you would have paid to a wedding planner.

Remember that a wedding is a one-time life event. Therefore, there should be no chance of failure. Plan everything meticulously and ensure there are no avoidable errors. It would be illogical to have an outdoor wedding on a budget and fail to manage it as expected.  

The bottom line

Everybody dreams of having that perfect wedding that will be memorable forever. However, some people are unwilling to spend large amounts of money on a wedding. Therefore, an outdoor wedding is a good idea for couples that want a low-budget wedding. The above tips will help you organize and successfully conduct an outdoor wedding on a budget.