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20 Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

Some physician assistants (PAs) always look for side hustles to supplement their income. If you are looking for side hustles for physician assistants, you have come to the right place.

Here, you will learn about the best side hustles for physician assistants and how you can exploit them.

Fact: The average annual pay for a physician assistant in the United States is $121,952.

This pay may not be enough to cater to all your financial needs. Therefore, you need an extra stream of income. Here is a list of the best 20 side hustles that will earn you extra income.

1. Taking medical surveys

Today, there are numerous paid surveys that can be taken online. Some of these surveys require respondents with a medical background.

As a physician assistant, you can participate in such surveys and get paid to answer simple questions. However, you may have to participate in many surveys to earn a decent income because the pay per survey is usually low.

2. Telemedicine/telehealth

You can become a virtual medical consultant and earn extra income. With the increased advancement in technology, physician assistants can attend to their clients from remote locations.

You can schedule virtual meetings with your clients right from your home or workplace. Then, you charge consultation fees per meeting or per hour.

3. Teaching/coaching

You can become a tutor or a health coach because you are conversant with health matters. As a coach or teacher, you can educate your patients, medical students, or recent medical graduates about work experiences or any other topic you like.

You can teach various subjects, such as emergency care and first aid, depending on your area of specialization. However, you need to be approved by the relevant regulatory bodies to become a certified medical teacher.

4. Public speaking

Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

As a PA, you have a wealth of medical knowledge you can share. Therefore, you can organize public lectures, seminars, or conferences where you will share your knowledge with the people at a fee.

You can also hold webinars or give a presentation at TED Talk shows. All these platforms allow you to trade the knowledge you have for some money. That would be a brilliant way of earning extra money on top of your regular pay.

5. Media consulting

Physician assistants can become medical consultants because they have a medical background. You can be a consultant for medical-related organizations, media, or individual clients.

You can also appear on the media talk shows and get paid a commission. Similarly, you can provide consultancy services to private hospitals and non-government organizations.

6. Start a YouTube channel

You can start a YouTube channel and monetize it. While starting a YouTube channel is challenging because you have to patiently wait to gain followers, the reward is worth it.

As a physician assistant, it is recommended that you post health-related content on this channel. Such content will give you subject authority that will earn you the trust of your viewers.

YouTube pays depending on the number of views. Therefore, you will earn a good amount if you post regularly and your subscribers view your content.

7. Start a podcast.

You can also start a podcast on health-related or general topics. Podcasts generally earn money by charging advertisers. If your podcast has a large number of listeners, you can earn a good amount of money from ads.

Starting a podcast is effortless because you only need recording and editing tools. You can buy a simple microphone and use online editing software. Then, you can publish engaging content that will appeal to a large audience.

8. Start a medical blog

Blogging is another side hustle that you can consider. As a PA, you can write blog articles and post them on your blogging site during your free time. Then, you will earn money from ads placed on your site.

You can also earn from scholarships and affiliate marketing campaigns depending on the content you have on your site. A medical blog should basically have helpful content that will keep your readers coming back.

Before starting a medical blog, you need to plan what you will write about. You can write at least 30 blog articles before creating a blogging site. That will help you design your site appropriately and reach your customers immediately after launching the site.

9. Write ebooks

Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

Writing an ebook is now easy because there are tons of free tools that you can use to design a book. As a physician assistant, you should probably write ebooks on health and fitness or other medical-related topics.

Ebooks can be as short as 50 pages and as long as 100 pages, depending on the topic. You can design an attractive cover page using free tools like Canva. You can also get free images from Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash.

You can sell your ebooks on popular online sites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Google Play Books, and Apple Books. You will earn some bucks every time customers purchase your book.

10. Day trading

As a physician assistant, you can become a day trader and earn extra money. Day trading is about buying and selling securities based on market speculation of price increases or decreases.

However, day trading requires technical knowledge of how markets work. Therefore, you should first learn how the markets work before you venture into this side gig.

11. Investing in real estate

Real estate is one of the oldest and most lucrative industries. The industry is worth billions of dollars because people always buy and sell properties.

You can invest in real estate and earn passive income without having to be physically present. You only need to buy or build a house and rent it out. Then, you will earn a good income every month.

12. Ride-sharing driver

Becoming a ride-sharing driver is a good side gig for a physician assistant. You can work for a few hours after your regular work and earn some good money.

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Bolt require drivers to have a valid driving license and a car to join them. Then, drivers are paid a commission depending on the distance they have covered when transporting clients.

Generally, ride-sharing drivers earn $15 to $22 per hour. Therefore, if you work for only 4 hours a day, you can earn at least $60. That is a good amount if you work for the whole month.

13. Sell items online

The online market is expanding rapidly. You can be part of the online business community by starting an e-commerce site where you sell your own products or products from third parties.

You can sell anything from cosmetics and artwork to photographs and clothing. The good thing about e-commerce is that you do not incur extra charges for paying for physical business stores.

14. Write for medical websites

You can become a writer and earn per every word you write. There are numerous medical websites that accept content from external writers. You can send your application to such sites and state your strengths as a physician assistant.

Some medical websites publish content daily, weekly, or monthly. If your content is published, you will be paid. If you write more articles, you will have a decent income at the end of the month.

15. Become a photographer

You can become a part-time photographer while still working as a PA. You can take fascinating pictures with your smartphone or camera and sell them online.

You can also offer your photography services to organizations and people holding events like weddings or feasts. They will pay you a handsome amount if you offer good services.

16. Open a gym and fitness hub

Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

The physical fitness and wellness business is booming in the United States. As more people are now aware of the need to keep fit, they are looking for fitness trainers.

You can have a physical fitness hub where you employ trainers who will work for you as you do your regular job. Then, you can come to manage your business once you leave your daily regular work as a physician assistant.

17. Work as a standby emergency officer

Hospitals and clinics now employ standby emergency medical officers residing nearby. These officers are called in when there are emergencies that need their attention.

Therefore, you can apply to be a standby emergency medical officer in a health facility near you. You will earn good pay whenever you are called to attend to emergencies.

18. Work as a concierge physician

Concierge physicians enter into contracts with patients and commit to offer their services once needed. The patient pays a fee for this service.

If you want to be a concierge doctor, you must be ready to offer personalized medical service to your patients whenever needed. In exchange, they will pay a monthly fee.  

19. Work as drug and medicine reviewer

As a physician assistant, you have a medical background that allows you to work as a drug and medicine reviewer. This job entails reviewing laboratory results from drug testing programs and giving medical explanations for those results.

You may get many healthcare organizations looking for you to be their reviewer because you have experience as a physician assistant.

20. Become a medical researcher

Medical researchers earn a good income by selling their findings to drug manufacturing companies or health organizations.

You can become a part-time medical researcher and still work as a physician assistant. In so doing, you will have two sources of income.

The bottom line

The work of a physician assistant is demanding because they need to attend to patients all the time. However, you can get time to start a side hustle that will bring in extra income. Choose the side hustle that fits you and enjoy working as a PA while making extra bucks from your side gigs.