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Student Loan Attorney: Everything You Need To Know

A student loan attorney can be your savior if you are struggling with student loan debt. Student loan attorneys offer legal advice to help people with student loan debt issues. However, not everyone needs a student loan attorney because not every student loan borrower has issues. These attorneys are suitable for borrowers who are struggling with student debt complications.

Possibly you have heard about student loan attorneys, but you do not know how they work. You need to read this article to understand who these attorneys are and what they do. The article offers useful insights into how student loan attorneys work, how to vet them, and whether you need one.

Who are student loan attorneys?

A student loan attorney is a legal professional who offers advice to people with student debts. These attorneys are trained like all the other attorneys, but they specialize in private and federal student loan issues and related matters. Therefore, they are useful for students and former students when they have student loans complications that require a legal advisor.

What services do student loan attorneys offer?

1. Help in pursuing fraudulent lenders

Since students can take loans from private lenders, they may fall into the hands of fraudulent lenders. These fraudulent student loan lenders promise loan applicants that they will offer loan forgiveness or debt cancellation and fail to do so. Then, they trick the borrowers into paying up-front fees. They also share incorrect information about the loans deliberately.

Additionally, some colleges defraud their students by misleading them when applying for student loans. As a result, the student is forced to pay more than expected. If you are in such a situation, you can sue the college or private lender and hire a student loan lawyer to represent you in court.

2. Renegotiating student loan terms

Things do not always turn out as expected. A student may have taken a loan hoping to repay immediately after school because it is assumed that one will start earning after school. However, getting a job is not guaranteed, and the borrower may default on loan repayments.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you can choose to renegotiate the terms of the student loan. Such negotiations should be spearheaded by a student loan lawyer to ensure you do not get a raw deal. The lawyer will advise you on how to reduce monthly payments until your financial status improves.

3. Representing borrowers in court

A student loan borrower could be facing lawsuits related to the student loan. Some private student loan companies take borrowers to court for failing to pay the debt. In such instances, a student loan lawyer is the best person to defend the borrower. The lawyer will help the borrower get a favorable outcome.

4. Seeking debt forgiveness

Sometimes the president can authorize student loan forgiveness. On other occasions, borrowers who have paid their student debts using their income for some years may have the remaining balance forgiven. However, it all depends on the country’s leadership.

The student loan attorney can help you seek loan forgiveness or relief. The attorney will help you file the necessary loan relief or forgiveness documents. The attorney will also help you check your eligibility for student loan relief and advise you accordingly.

5. Settling debts

Loans are meant to be repaid. Therefore, you must repay your student loan because that was your agreement with the lender. However, settling those debts can be challenging for people who do not understand how the system works. In such instances, a student loan lawyer can be a useful resource for you.

6. Filing for bankruptcy

You can file for bankruptcy to remove your student loan, but it is difficult and tiring. Nonetheless, you will need a lawyer when filing for bankruptcy. This is why you need a student loan attorney to help you file for bankruptcy, hoping that it will be successful and your student loan will be removed.

When to hire a student loan attorney

Attorneys are always hired when people have complex legal issues that require expert advice. Therefore, individuals with student loan debts may seek the services of an attorney if they cannot handle the matters on their own.

Student loan issues are often complex and evolving. As a result, you should not take chances when hiring a lawyer. Ensure you go for an advocate who specializes in student loan affairs. Additionally, ensure you do not fall into the hands of fraudsters posing as student loan lawyers.

Tips on hiring a student loan attorney

1. Consider your budget

You should hire an attorney depending on your budget. Remember that you must pay the attorney for the legal services offered. Therefore, you need to hire an attorney who charges legal fees you can afford. Ensure that you discuss the charges before you request their legal services.

Student loan attorneys often understand that they represent clients who may be in financial difficulties. Therefore, they may offer you favorable terms. If you cannot afford to pay a student loan attorney, you can look for a local legal aid clinic near you. These legal aid clinics are specifically meant to serve the economically weak people in society.

You can also be lucky to get a lawyer to represent you on pro bono terms, meaning you will not pay anything. While lawyers are required to offer pro bono services to their clients occasionally, they often do not offer free services because they are in business. Therefore, you should not put much hope in getting a lawyer who will offer pro bono services.

2. Consider the location

It is advisable to look for a student loan attorney near you. If you get an attorney within your locality, you will easily access their offices and discuss your issues. Additionally, you will incur less travel costs.

Having a lawyer near you will also be convenient when appearing in court. However, finding a good lawyer within your locality is not always possible. You may have to hire a lawyer from a distant location if that is your only option.

3. Do a background check

student loan attorney background check

Most lawyers give clients their emails or phone numbers to message or call for consultations. In most cases, the consultation is free. You can assess the lawyer’s competence on student loan matters when attending the consultation session. You can also ask your friends or colleagues about the qualifications and competence of the attorney.

You should choose an attorney who has handled a case you know of. You can look for someone who has a student loan issue and was helped by that attorney. Then, your friends or colleagues can refer you to that attorney.

You should also assess if the attorney is comfortable representing you in court or in any student debt-related matter. Ensure that the lawyer can answer your questions in a language you can understand to ensure you are dealing with a competent lawyer.

4. Confirm the attorney’s registration

You can also check if the attorney is a registered member of a credible organization like the American Bar Association. This organization regulates the conduct of its members, meaning that you are likely to get excellent legal services if you choose a member of ABA to represent you.

You can also check if the lawyer is registered under the National Association of Consumer Advocates. This organization comprises lawyers who mainly offer legal services to consumers. You can find experienced student loan lawyers in such organizations.

5. Check online reviews

Nowadays, law firms and individual attorneys market their services online. Therefore, you can find the websites or social media accounts of student loan lawyers. Check how clients have rated them in the review section. You can also check trusted online review sites to see if the lawyer has positive client reviews.

You also need to have confidence in the lawyer you are hiring. Therefore, you should choose a lawyer who has considerable positive reviews on at least two online reviewing sites. You may ignore the negative reviews if they are few because they might have come from a client who lost a difficult case.

Alternatives to student loan lawyers

Sometimes you can try all means and still fail to find a student loan attorney near you. Additionally, you could be financially constrained and unable to pay their legal fees. However, that does not mean you cannot hire other professionals to help you with student loan issues. Here are the two alternatives to student loan attorneys.

  • Consult your loan servicer

If you do not find a lawyer, you can engage your loan servicer for advice. Your loan servicer is the person or company that processes your loan repayments, responds to inquiries, and keeps a record of your loan records. Nelnet is among the best-known loan servicers.

  • Work with a debt relief company

You can also look for debt relief companies. These companies help their clients reduce or eliminate their debts through negotiations. They mainly help their clients reduce their debt and restructure it differently to make it easy for them to pay. Remember that you will not need a lawyer if you get a favorable debt repayment structure through these companies.

However, you need to be careful because some of them charge high fees while others do not fulfill their promises. You should also look out for scammers pretending to be debt relief agents. It can be frustrating when you get scammed when looking for solutions to your student debt issues.

Final thoughts

Student loan lawyers are professionals that borrowers should consult whenever they have loan issues. These professionals help borrowers defend themselves against fraudulent student loan lenders. They also help the borrowers settle or renegotiate the terms of their student loans.

Therefore, if you applied for a student loan while in college, you may need to hire a lawyer later when repaying the loan. However, if you are financially stable with a good income and your lender is honest and cooperative, you may be able to repay your student loan quickly in a few years. As a result, you may not need a student loan attorney.

On the contrary, you need a student loan attorney if you default on your loan repayments and the lender sues you. You will also need an attorney if your college or private loan lender wants to defraud you. Regardless of the reason, you will always benefit from the services of a reputable student loan attorney.