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4 Best Credit Cards for Young Adults

best credit cards for young adults

There’s a credit card for everyone, including children, students, and young adults. However, young adults may be confused because they do not know the best credit card in the market. The confusion arises from the fact that some are college, unemployed, or recently employed. Therefore, they may not be financially stable.

If you are a young adult, a recent graduate, a young professional, or a student wondering how you can get a good credit card, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about credit cards. You will also get expert advice on the best credit cards in the market. With knowledge and guidance, you will easily choose the credit cards that fit your needs.

Do Young Adults Need Credit Cards?

Yes, young adults need credit cards. Credit cards offer convenience that you cannot get when using cash payment. For instance, credit cards become useful when you paying your unplanned bills. You can also use them to pay your monthly bills like utilities and service subscriptions.

Besides convenience, credit cards also help you build your credit history. Remember that your credit score is calculated based on the amount of debt you have. The debt you have accumulated through credit cards will count towards your credit score. Therefore, having a good credit card utilization ratio will improve your credit score and unlock more credit opportunities.

Additionally, they help you save money because some credit cards offer rewards in terms of cash back or points. For instance, some credit card companies offer customers bonus miles or points when they make purchases using their credit cards. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, you must have at least one type of credit card.

The 4 Best Credit Cards for Young Adults

Which is the best credit card for a young adult? Young adults deserve credit cards that meet their financial needs without overstretching them. They want credit cards they can use when traveling, shopping online, dining, or partying. The big question is how to choose the best credit cards that fit your financial needs.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best credit cards for young adults. However, the list is not exhaustive because there are other credit cards in the market.

1. Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

Wells Fargo is one of the best financial services providers in the United States. Therefore, earning a Wells Fargo credit card is something most people would want. This credit card comes with additional benefits to the holder. The pros, cons, and benefits of holding this card are listed below.


  • Cash rewards
  • Long 0% intro APR benefits of up to 15 months.
  • Guaranteed cellphone security
  • No annual fees charged
  • FICO score updates
  • Many card perks


  • Charges credit card balance transfer fees
  • Charges fees on foreign transactions
  • No bonus categories

Additional features and benefits

With this card, you can earn as much as $200 cash rewards and bonuses when you spend $500 or more within the first 3 months. There are also unlimited 2% cash rewards. Additionally, the 0% intro APR will enable you to borrow money using the credit card without accruing interest on the credit card balance.

This card is also secure because it has built-in protection features to protect you against fraud. If you promptly report any fraud or unauthorized transaction, Wells Fargo will secure your card and prevent money loss.

The card has a two-step verification feature. You know that the two-verification security feature is among the best protections when using the Internet for financial transactions. The card lets you authenticate sign-ons or transactions using an authenticator app, voice, or mobile phone.

This card is also convenient because it can be used alongside the Wells Fargo mobile app. Therefore, you do not always need to carry the card as long as you have the mobile app. Young people always like such convenience, which is why this card is a perfect fit for any young person, student, or young professional.

2. Chase Freedom Flex

Chase Freedom Flex credit cards are good for people who are new to cash-back programs. For instance, young people who are first-time cardholders and students are the best people to apply for these cards.

The reasons these cards fit the young adults include their generous intro APR offers and a $200 welcome offer after spending $500. The card’s limit is easily attainable by young customers or students. The card also guarantees user security with its excellent travel protection. The pros and cons of this card are summarized below.


  • Travel rewards
  • Attractive intro APR
  • No annual fees charged
  • Cash back bonus
  • 100% cash back program
  • Travel rewards


  • Cardholders have to enroll in rotating categories each financial quarter
  • The rotating bonus categories have limits
  • Charges fees for foreign transactions
best credit cards for young adults

Additional Features and Benefits

The card has a 5% cash back program, capped at $1500 on purchases in the bonus categories. There is also a 3% cash back on dining spending, drug purchases, and eligible delivery services. The card comes with a Chase Credit Journey program that helps keep tabs on your credit health. This program gives you the latest credit scores and real-time updates.

With this card, you will not miss at least one reward and cash-back bonus because the conditions are easy to meet. Therefore, you will benefit if you are a student or a young adult. Besides, if you consistently use the card, you will earn more cash-back rewards and bonuses.

3. Discover It Student Cash Back

This card targets students and young customers because it has generous reward programs. Students usually look for ways to make an extra dollar as they study. Therefore, this card fits you well if you are a student. The pros and cons of this card are listed below.


  • No annual fees charged
  • FICO scores monitoring and updates
  • Has rotating bonus categories
  • Generous sign-up bonuses


  • Lacks fixed bonus categories
best credit cards for young adults

Additional Features and Benefits

Discover It Student Cash Back credit card offers a fantastic intro offer for the first year after opening an account. You will automatically get a cash back bonus every time you use the card. The bonus will accumulate for the whole year, and you will get the earned bonus at the end of the year.

The good thing about this card is that you get 100% cash back. This means that if you spend 50 dollars, you will get 50 dollars cash back. This offer is a good source of income for students.

You will also get 5% cash back on purchases made in select stores like Amazon, gas stations, groceries, and restaurants. There are no minimum or maximum limit rewards, meaning you are guaranteed rewards even if you spend large sums of money using your credit card.

4. Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit card

Capital One is a good credit card company that offers attractive offers to its clients. Therefore, the Capital One SavorOne credit card is a perfect fit for young adults due to its many features and benefits. The pros and cons of this card are listed below.


  • Attractive cash reward bonuses
  • No annual fees charged
  • Rewards on dining expenses
  • Rewards on entertainment expenses


  • They charge transfer fees on the credit card balance
best credit cards for young adults

Additional Features and Benefits

This card will give you a one-time $200 cash reward bonus after spending at least $1000 on purchases using the card within three the first 3 months of account opening. Then, you will earn 3% cash back when you pay for dining, groceries, entertainment, and streaming services using the card.

You will also benefit from unlimited 5% cash back when you pay for rental cars and hotels through Capital One Travel. These offers are good for a young person fond of traveling, dining in restaurants, or partying. Therefore, the card offers fit the young customers’ financial needs.

Final Thoughts

Credit cards are necessary, especially among young adults with financial difficulties. A credit card will give you the convenience and security you cannot get when paying in cash. Additionally, they come with attractive rewards and cash back bonuses. Therefore, they will help you save money if you are young or in school. You can choose any of the above credit cards and enjoy the listed benefits.